beautiful family of 6 sitting on a hill at sunset lounging and snuggling together

Laugh, play games, goof around and do what you usually do

I'm here to capture YOU

My approach to photography is very laidback and natural. While we will capture several formal, posed portraits that you can print and hang around the house, I also want to focus on the essences of your family. So your photos show each of your personalities and quirks, and portrays your unique family dynamic.

I want to show the real, raw and imperfectly perfect moments, because they matter the most. These are the moments you’ll cherish the most years from now.


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They're only this little for a little while....

Family sessions typically take place outdoors, in the northwest Iowa region, between the months of May-October. Brittnie is always thrilled to capture your family memories along the way and is available for travel for a small fee. Sessions take place close to sunset during what we call "golden hour" when the sunset is indescribable. I'm here to capture your chaos. Most call me a magician because while sessions with littles may feel chaotic for most parents, the images you receive will be nothing short of amazing.

adorable 3 year old little girl sitting in mom and dads lap enjoying a funny moment together
northwest iowa traveling family photographer
family of 6 laying together happily smiling and laughing at sunset
northwest iowa traveling family photographer with large family of 6 in honey creek iowa at sunset
beautiful and happy 3 year old little girl doing airplane rides with mom and dad
gorgeous family photo of family of 6 walking together by huge tree with blue skies
stunning family of 5 frolicking through strawberry field smiling near sunset
stunning fall background featuring the golden fall colors with a family of 5 cozied up together smiling for the camera

Shy Smiles. Tousled Hair. Cheek Kisses. Bear Hugs. The Reminders Of Love, Laughter, And Lives Shared. Authentic Stories Of Your Family, Wonderfully Told In Beautiful Custom Portraits. I’m A Storyteller And These Are The Images I Create.

stunning extended family photos of large family laughing and having fun together in a field in northwest iowa